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Domestic Cleaning

When you are bogged with your work under the pressure of time, keeping your house clean and sparkling will be quite a challenge. It can be more stressful with the mess at your home. This can affect your life, too. Why worry when the WA Cleaning Team is ready to take the burden off you for keeping your house sparkling-clean. We provide Regular Cleaning and One-Off Cleaning Services.

Our regular cleaning service is of highest quality at an affordable price. Cleaners at WA Cleaning Team are professionals who can systematically review the space, design strategies to perform the job, and make sure that your space is cleaned thoroughly, properly sanitized, vacuumed and reach to every nook and corners, which have rarely received attention. With the magic touch of our highly dedicated cleaners, the transformation of your home into a spotless place is guaranteed.  

All our standard regular cleaning include dusting, mopping and washing of all reachable surfaces, wiping the outside of kitchen appliances and cabinets, basic cleaning of the bathrooms, vacuuming of all carpeted floors.

We offer once a week regular clean and once forth night regular clean. We offer once a month one-off clean or once every three months clean.

Focus more on your work or attending to your children or taking care of your pets and leave your stress of keeping your house clean and sparkling on us.

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